Recruitment 2019

What is Rush?

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of British Columbia. During the first month of the new academic year, the 10 chapters of UBC Fraternities host a series of formal and informal meet and greets, open houses, events for potential new members (PNMs) to learn more about each fraternal organization. This Recruitment period, colloquially known as "Rush", is an open period where potential new members are able to become acquainted with members of each house, and to learn more about Greek Life at UBC.

Formal Recruitment is organized by the Interfraternity Council. On the evenings of First Rush and Second Rush, potential new members are invited to the Fraternity Village on Wesbrook Mall to learn more about each organization. Members of each chapter will be present for house tours and to speak on their respective fraternity. This is done in a casual environment, as all houses will be open for visitation.

Following First and Second Rush during the first few weeks of school, potential new members may receive an invitation to attend a chapter's Formal Rush. Formal Rush is an invite-only, formal attire event, taking place in various venues across campus and Vancouver. This event allows potential new members to become more acquainted with brothers of the chapter, along with alumni of the Fraternity. A potential new member may accept up to two Formal Rush invitations, whereby the individual would attend both - switching partway through the evening with transportation provided in coordination with IFC and the host chapter.

Bids Day is the following day, whereby potential new members that have attended Formal Rush are instructed to go to the AMS Student Nest to determine if they have been extended a bid. Potential new members may receive a bid from up to two Fraternities, but may only accept one invitation to pledge.

Once accepted, potential new members begin the pledgeship process, which varies in length between the chapters - but is generally several weeks prior to being formally inducted into the fraternity. During this process, you will become acquainted with other members of the chapter and learn more about the organization’s values, history, philanthropy initiatives, and expectations as new member.