Member Spotlight: Martin

Martin Prchal: Alpha Delta Phi

Martin is a third year member of Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity at UBC.

Martin is a third year member of Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity at UBC.

While the public perception of fraternities shaped by the media primarily focuses on negative incidents, we know the positive value men gain from their fraternity experience is an often untold story. Showcasing our members provides the opportunity to bring to light the positive stories of fraternities here at UBC. Members of UBC Fraternities share personal stories about how their fraternity has provided support, engaged in them in service, helped them in their personal development, or enriched their lives in other ways.

Where are you from?

Vancouver, BC

What year and field of study are you in?

I’m entering my third year at the Sauder School of Business where I am currently doing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance.

What types of jobs/positions do you hold within your fraternity, or out in the Vancouver community?

I am currently one of two Philanthropy Chairs for Alpha Delta Phi.

Why did you decide to Go Greek?

Growing up near UBC, living on campus didn’t make sense financially. However, I quickly began realizing that I was missing out on much of the university experience and that the opportunities to meet new people were much more limited. After attending the first two rush events, I knew that the Greek community was an excellent way to become involved in campus life and form long-term connections with both men and women that share many of my interests, values, and my appetite for life.

How has Greek Life at UBC and your fraternity impacted you?

 My decision to join Greek life has shaped my undergraduate in a more significant and positive way than any other choice I have made thus far. There is an abundant number of opportunities to challenge and better yourself whether that be academically, physically, socially, or morally. For me personally, the charitable aspect of the Greek community appealed to me early on after seeing how much time and effort both fraternities and sororities dedicated to giving back. My role as philanthropy chair has opened me to dozens of possibilities and sparked an interest in social entrepreneurship, which I plan to minor in as part of my business degree. 

Any advice for potential new members during the rush process?

Every fraternity has something different to offer, but collectively they all strive to make you a better person. I wouldn’t put too much pressure on the whole process, I view it as a relaxed way to get to know some people and see if you relate to their interests and lifestyle. I remember feeling slightly overwhelmed when I was rushing, but in retrospect I think it was largely due to me overthinking and not focusing on just enjoying the experience, so my advice would definitely be to relax and be in the moment.

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