Alumni Spotlight: Will

Will Shelling: Delta Kappa Epsilon

Will is a fifth year alumni of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at UBC.

Will is a fifth year alumni of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at UBC.

While the public perception of fraternities shaped by the media primarily focuses on negative incidents, we know the positive value men gain from their fraternity experience is an often untold story. Showcasing our members provides the opportunity to bring to light the positive stories of fraternities here at UBC. Members of UBC Fraternities share personal stories about how their fraternity has provided support, engaged in them in service, helped them in their personal development, or enriched their lives in other ways.

Where are you from?

From Vancouver BC, but also grew up in the United States. 

What year and field of study are you in?

I’m in fifth year at UBC, studying political science and international relations with a research focus in sustainability and international development. 

What types of jobs/positions do you hold within your fraternity, or out in the Vancouver community?

  • DKE

    Social Chairman, Stick it to Cancer Media Chairman, Vice President Risk Management, Public Relations Chairman

  • IFC 

    IFC 1st VP, President

  • Community

    Research Assistant, Allard School of Law 

    Student Researcher, Scholars at Risk NGO 

    AMS Associate VP External Affairs 

    Assistant, Dialogue and Conflict Engagement Portfolio at UBC Equity and Inclusion 

    Policy and Research at UBC Equity and Inclusion

Why did you decide to Go Greek?

My father figure and mentor was actually a big influence on me choosing to join the greek system. For him, he saw it as a way to give him a stable base to move through University and to continually have a support system. Turns out he was a member of DKE as well, and I instantly connected with this group of folks due to their passion for philanthropy, academics, and involvement on campus.

How has Greek Life at UBC and your fraternity impacted you?

It empowered me to push for new initiatives that better not only the Fraternity system, but support those around us and those we are affiliated with. Fraternities at UBC are inherently diverse, and that is our strength that we need to strive to improve as we move into recruitment. 

Any advice for potential new members during the rush process?

Trust your instincts. If you have a good feeling about a house, stick around. You never know where that feeling might take you or what doors it’ll open.

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