#myFraternity: Ben LeSage

Ben is an active member of UBC Fraternities.

Ben is an active member of UBC Fraternities.

Ben LeSage

While the public perception of fraternities shaped by the media primarily focuses on negative incidents, we know the positive value men gain from their fraternity experience is an often untold story. The myFraternity Campaign is an opportunity to raise the volume on and amplify the hundreds of thousands of positive stories of fraternity. This month, members of UBC Fraternities share personal stories about how their fraternity has provided support, engaged in them in service, helped them in their personal development, or enriched their lives in other ways.

Where are you from?

Calgary, Alberta 

What year and field of study are you in?

I’m in the 5th and final year of the Mechatronics Engineering program, and have also completed a Minor in Commerce.

Why did you decide to Go Greek?

Once I realized the impressive academic and professional accomplishments by both actives and alumni of the Greek system, I saw it as an exciting opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded, ambitious individuals. 

How has Greek Life at UBC and your fraternity impacted you?

The access to individuals has proven to be true, and I’ve built myself a network of close friends who span almost every faculty on campus, possess desired careers across various industries, and hail from all corners of the world. Being in this environment has certainly helped raise the bar for my future aspirations, while at the same time making them seem more achievable.

Any advice for potential new members during the rush process?
I’d encourage everyone to enter the process open minded and look for a place that will support them through their time in University and onwards. After all the social events in the first couple weeks, it’s a good opportunity to get to know guys on a more personal level and see where your interests are the most aligned.


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